Our Values

Collaboration – We are committed to the industries we serve and evolve with you as priorities shift and technology advances. The conversation is continuous, and we proudly lend our expertise whenever possible.

Progress – Our exceptional engineering team and innovative manufacturing practices are widely recognized and ensure that only superior products reach the market.

Craftsmanship – Our unwavering attention to detail ensures results that far exceed your expectations.

Authenticity – We stay true to the roots of Phoenix and respect the vision, ingenuity and hard work that have brought us to where we are today. We are committed to the future of our customers, employees and community.


Phoenix has an active wellness program that promotes nutrition and daily exercise. We offer our team incentives for healthy living and good choices. Some of our healthiest employees walk away with hundreds of dollars in incentives each year!

Community Involvement

The employees of Phoenix volunteer together in the Milwaukee community on a monthly basis. Phoenix also proudly donates its products to benefit some of the most recognized charitable organizations in the United States!

Dress for each day!

The employees of Phoenix enjoy a casual dress code. We recognize that every day can be different, and dress codes are not “one size fits all”. We encourage our employees to use good judgement and dress for each day … whether they are testing light fixtures, building welding rod ovens or closing an important sale, we encourage our employees to dress for each day and decide what will be best for themselves and the company collectively.

Environmental Sustainability

Phoenix is a strong advocate for green behavior. From increased paperless systems to responsible operational practices, Phoenix is making every effort to minimize its mark on the environment.